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The Good Hands Foundation is an organization registered as a non-profit organization in the state of California, USA, and is a “Pro bono” (for the public good) volunteer who specializes in US tax/tax law.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA-Free Tax Filing Preparation) conducted by IRS volunteers and provides free tax returns for low-income families in cooperation with related organizations.

 During the non-tax filing season, various tax/tax law seminars or tax consultations (LITC: Low Income Taxpayers Clinic) are held, and the community actively participates in solving community problems by participating in other services requested by the community and promoting the public interest.

Job Descriptions

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•VITA Site Coordinator

The VITA site coordinator provides coordination, organization, and supervision for all aspects of the VITA site operation. The site coordinator is also responsible for gathering, maintaining and compiling timely statistical reports as required by the partners. A special IRS Site Coordinator training is provided to the coordinators by IRS-SPEC representatives. This course covers all the quality site requirements and other administrative items necessary to effectively operate a VITA site.

Training: Classroom training or self-study through Link and Learn and a passing score of 80% on the exam. Coordinators must be certified through at minimum Intermediate level. If the scope of returns seen at the site is at advanced level, then the coordinator should certify at Advance level.

•Tax Preparer

Tax preparers assist low income wage earners in completing their tax returns. Tax Preparers receive training and are certified by the IRS.

Training: Classroom training or self-study through Link and Learn and a passing score of 80% on the exam. Certification levels are Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. A preparer must take each level of instruction and exam before moving to the next level. A preparer can only prepare returns that are within the scope of the level of certification he/she has. For example, a taxpayer who has itemized deductions needs to have the return prepared by a preparer with an Intermediate or above certification.

•Quality Reviewers

Quality Reviewers follow a check list found on the Form 13614-C, Intake and Interview Sheet, along with the taxpayer’s return file to review tax returns after the return is prepared to ensure accuracy. Some VITA sites train all their volunteers on quality review depending on the size of the volunteer preparer cadre.

Training: Classroom training or self-study through Link and Learn and a passing score of 80% on the exam. Reviewers must certify, at a minimum, through Intermediate level. Additional quality reviewer training is required.

•Transmitters (Electronic Return Originators, ERO)

Transmitters or ERO submit tax returns electronically to the IRS from VITA sites. Volunteers should be familiar with complex software, electronic data transmission and tax law. Transmitters help troubleshoot tax returns that are rejected by the IRS. Transmitting is often done by the site coordinator.

Training: Classroom training or self-study through Link and Learn and a passing score of 80% on the exam. Transmitters should certify, at a minimum, to an Intermediate level. Additional transmitter training is required.


Interpreters aid VITA clients by working alongside the tax clients and tax preparers. Interpreters are always an asset to a site.

Training: No training required.


Greeters welcome tax filers to the VITA site during the tax season. They are responsible for ensuring that tax filers have all the information needed to complete their tax returns, including the intake-interview form and all income documents.

Training: No training required, but some partners often provide a separate greeter training.

•Asset Development Specialist

This specialist connects clients to services and public benefits for which they may qualify, including food stamps, children’s health insurance, asset-building products and services, U.S. Savings Bonds and other banking products.

Training: No tax law training required, but VITA coalition partners generally provide additional training that relates to the products.

P.O. Box 52362, Irvine, CA 92619-2362
TEL. (714) 400-2089 (949) 519-8996
Email. info@goodhandsfoundation.org