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The Good Hands Foundation is an organization registered as a non-profit organization in the state of California, USA, and is a “Pro bono” (for the public good) volunteer who specializes in US tax/tax law.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA-Free Tax Filing Preparation) conducted by IRS volunteers and provides free tax returns for low-income families in cooperation with related organizations.

 During the non-tax filing season, various tax/tax law seminars or tax consultations (LITC: Low Income Taxpayers Clinic) are held, and the community actively participates in solving community problems by participating in other services requested by the community and promoting the public interest.

VITA Site Client Flow

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VITA sites vary in staffing and facility set-up. In general, when a client arrives at your site, they are met by a Greeter. This Greeter signs the client in and hands them a Form 13614-C, Intake and Interview sheet to complete and then determines if they qualify to receive free tax preparation services based upon their income documents. At some VITA sites, information about other benefits such as savings bonds, checking account or debit card opportunities is also offered to the clients. Other strategies to promote financial stability and independence such as opening bank accounts or schedules of available financial education classes are discussed while clients wait to have their tax returns prepared.

When a Tax Preparer (and Interpreter, if needed) become available, the client meets with the Tax Preparer at their computer work station for in-depth interview using the intake and interview sheet and completion of the tax return together. After the return is prepared, it is quality reviewed by another certified volunteer or a designated Quality Reviewer. The Quality Reviewer follows a checklist to ensure an accurate return. When the tax return is complete, it will be printed so that the client receives a copy and signs the necessary documents. The return is then electronically submitted (e-filed).

P.O. Box 52362, Irvine, CA 92619-2362
TEL. (714) 400-2089 (949) 519-8996
Email. info@goodhandsfoundation.org