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The Good Hands Foundation is an organization registered as a non-profit organization in the state of California, USA, and is a “Pro bono” (for the public good) volunteer who specializes in US tax/tax law.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA-Free Tax Filing Preparation) conducted by IRS volunteers and provides free tax returns for low-income families in cooperation with related organizations.

 During the non-tax filing season, various tax/tax law seminars or tax consultations (LITC: Low Income Taxpayers Clinic) are held, and the community actively participates in solving community problems by participating in other services requested by the community and promoting the public interest.


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A group that wants to serve so that everyone can live a happy life by sharing the talents received from the local community with people, groups, and communities in need, with passion and enthusiasm for volunteering. The first meeting starts with the annual free tax return (VITA) activity for the low-income class conducted by the IRS. Anyone who has a strong belief in volunteering can participate in volunteering, and if necessary, training for volunteering is provided.

In addition, when it is not during the tax reporting season (from February to the end of April every year), we want to contribute to the spread of the community and the promotion of the public interest by participating in other volunteer activities requested by the community.

자원봉사에 대한 열정과 열의를 가지고, 전문직에 종사하며, 지역사회에 받은 재능을 도움이 필요한 사람, 단체, 지역사회으로 나눔으로 모두가 행복한 삶 살수 있도록 봉사하고자 하는 모임.  모임의 첫 시작은 미국국세청(IRS)에서 매년 실시하는 저소득층 무료세금보고(VITA) 활동으로 부터 출발하여, 세금보고 시즌에 자원봉사자가 모여서 관련 단체와 연계하여 저소득층 무료세금보고를 위해 정기적으로 봉사하는 운동입니다.  자원봉사에 가입은 자원봉사를 하겠다는 신념이 확고한 자는 누구나 참석할수 있으며, 필요시 자원봉사를 위한 교육을 실시합니다.

또한 세금보고시즌(매년 2월부터 4월말) 이 아닌 때에는 커뮤니트에서 요청하는 다른 자원봉사에 참여하여 지역사회 문제 해결에 적극 참여하는 공동체의 확산및 공익증진에 기여하고자 합니다.

P.O. Box 52362, Irvine, CA 92619-2362
TEL. (714) 400-2089 (949) 519-8996
Email. info@goodhandsfoundation.org