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Good Hands Foundation ("착한 손")은 미국 캘리포니아 주 비영리 단체로 등록된 기관이며, 미국 세무/세법 전문 자원봉사 활동하는 Pro bono (for the public good) 이며, 특히 미국 개인 세금 보고 기간 (2월~4월말)중 미국 국세청(IRS)에서 실시하는  Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (약칭: VITA-무료세금보고 대행) 자원 봉사를 하며, 관련 단체 또는 기관들과 연계하여 저소득층 무료 세금 보고해 주고 있다.

비세금보고 시즌시에는 각종 세무/세법세미나, 또는 세무상담 (LITC: Low Income Taxpayers Clinic)등을 하며  Community 에서 요청하는 다른 봉사에 참여하여 지역사회 문제해결에 적극 참여하는 공동체의 확산 및 공익증진에 기여하고자 합니다.


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  • Posted by GHF Count: 2756 01/11/16
[자원봉사] Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Inc.

Dear Second Harvest Volunteers,

We hope you had a wonderful New Year with friends and family! Now that 2016 has started we are all back to work, constantly striving to improve our efforts of ending hunger in Orange County. One way we do this is through the help of volunteers who have specific skillsets that can be used to complete specialized tasks. By completing these tasks, volunteers are able to improve SHFB’s output and mission, while also freeing up time for staff to work on other projects.

In 2016 we are hoping to recruit several skilled volunteers who will help with a variety of needs. As these are skilled positions, a resume and interview are required as is a consistent, weekly, commitment.  We would like each volunteer to commit to a minimum of 6 months. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in any of the volunteer positions listed below, please send an email to Volunteer Coordinator, Kaitlin McGarvey, at Kaitlin@FeedOC.org with the title of the position you’re interested in. She will send you a detailed volunteer description and explain next steps.

Here are the current volunteer positions we’re looking to fill:

  • Data Entry Volunteer (8-10 hrs./week)- Provide data entry assistance to the Development Department
  • PSA Volunteers (4 hrs./week)- Provide assistance in the day-to-day operation of the Product Selection Area (PSA) – greet community partners, restock and consolidate product, load product onto vehicles
  • Receptionist and Administrative Support Volunteer (4 hrs./week)- Provide assistance in the day-to-day operation of the front desk – answer phones, welcome guests, filing, letter stuffing
  • Development Assistance Volunteers (4hrs./week)- Cover a variety of tasks ranging from grant research to writing stewardship thank you notes.
  • Volunteer Department Support Volunteer (4hrs./week)- Assist Volunteer Department with misc. tasks such as responding to email inquiries and filing paperwork.  

Additional positions may open up throughout the year, so if these positions fill up but you think this is something you may want to do in the future, please let us know!

Have a wonderful day,

The Volunteer Department


P.O. Box 54683, Irvine, CA 92619
TEL. (714) 400-2089 (949) 939-4597
Email. info@goodhandsfoundation.org